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Risk Management

Considers and manages the various risks within the business operations. These include SHEQ risks such as safety, health, environment, quality and operational risks such as raw material supply, human resources, security and other.

This module has a comprehensive risk matrix calculator that takes into account causes and consequences of the inherent risk. By applying mitigation controls the residual risk can be determined.

Risks have owners and require reviews based on their residual level or in the event of an incident or change related to the aspect.

Applied to identify causes and consequences of the inherent risk and applying mitigation controls to determine an acceptable residual risk.


  • Multiple configurable risk matrix (4x4, 6x6 etc.)
  • All business aspects have a risk attribute which require a risk rating
  • A comprehensive risk matrix calculator using pick lists
  • All risks have owners who are responsible for ensuring that the risks remain under control
  • All risks require periodic review, based on their residual level – owners are notified when due
  • Risk reviews are required on the related aspectin the event of an incident or change
  • Additional risk information such as risk type, causes, consequences, preventative/ corrective controls are required for the risk rating procedure
  • Risk probability and consequence selections require reason for selection
  • Risk ratings can only be done within a meeting with a competent quorum
  • During risk ratings, additional mitigation can be initiated via new targets and actions
  • Risk and aspect owners are notified in the event of risk deterioration
  • Numerous statistical reports, graphs and charts are available with a variety of filters


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