A web-based system to manage workplace activities


Meeting & Action Manager

Management of all meeting types held within the company. Targets, actions and tasks are generated to achieve goals aligned to business objectives and management plans. Agenda points can include items such as incident recall, risk review, competency declaration, etc.

Re-occurring actions are used for regular inspections, logbooks and appointments to name a few. Targets and actions can be referred to other meetings for recall.

Meeting integrity includes random selected attendee logon, reasons for shifting target dates, completion success ratings and a full audit trail.

Applied to manage the scheduling, procedure and minutes of meetings through allocation of responsibility and accountability to individuals.


  • E-mail notifications are sent when meeting are scheduled
  • Default configurable locations, times and attendees
  • Provision for visitors and late comers
  • Special notes, safety moments, decision register, competency declarations, risk reviews and recall of incidents, change control and management plan
  • Targets and actions can be linked to aspects and are aligned to objectives and management plans.
  • Targets, actions and tasks are assigned “owners” with agreed target dates.
  • Changes to target dates require a reason and acceptance by the quorum
  • Configurable agenda points to cater for specific items
  • Re-occurring actions used for regular inspections, logbooks, appointments etc.
  • Target and action referral to other meetings for recall where their progress can be discussed and updated (can only be completed in principle meeting)
  • A meeting “prepare” feature where feedback or update on items of responsibility is pulled through from the personal notice-board
  • Meeting integrity by way of a randomly selected attendee to enter their password
  • Full audit trails on most items such as Targets, actions, risk ratings etc.
  • Automatically generates tamper proof minutes at meeting adjournment
  • Permanent or temporal re-assignment of personnel during absence ensures all their duties and responsibilities are not suspended


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