A web-based system to manage workplace activities


Check Sheets

This is used as an audit or a day-to-day checklist in which users can setup their own check sheets or audit protocols within the check sheet. A responsible person is assigned to complete the check sheet from his/her dashboard on the intervals set out by the user.

Each predefined section includes a description of the points/items to be checked. Points / items are checked with: yes, no or not applicable or the user can make use of the score system when checking points / items. The user can include a comment or a follow up action to a point/item.



  • Dates are included with each check sheet so that the user can view when last a check was completed as well as when the next check is due to be completed.
  • Multiple people can be responsible for different sections within a Check Sheet.
  • Reports are made available for viewing the history or current status of a Check Sheet.
  • Reports also indicate whether a follow-up action was processed.
  • Each check list section works out a compliance score when changes are saved.

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